The day after…

Well, we all got completely stuffed yesterday. We had entirely too much turkey and just enough mashed potatoes and stuffing. Today, the Carters are coming.

Dad left early to go pick up Grandma Jean, and Mom is at work, so it’s just Monica, myself and Sarah here before everyone starts arriving. I’m looking forward to everyone getting here–Monica and I haven’t seen anyone since July, and I’m looking forward to meeting Kendra and Tom’s newest addition, TJ.

Tomorrow, Moni and I head back to San Antonio, and I think we’re going to try to drive it straight through. It will be difficult, but if I can manage to sleep as much in the car as I did on the way up (which never happens), we should be able to make it back to SA in one day. That will be nice, because then we’ll have all day Sunday to recover, instead of having to drive another 5 or so hours just to make it home before we can relax.

Here’s hoping for peaceful slumber in the car.

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