This one’s for Google

My good friend Andrea tried to Google my blog this afternoon, but couldn’t find it. I told her I think it’s because I haven’t put my first and last names together anywhere on the old Laleblog. So here goes…

This is Scott Laleman’s blog. This page belongs to Scott Laleman. Looking for Scott Laleman? You’ve found him. Hi there, I’m Scott Laleman.

Take that Google.

By the way, if you’re a high school kid and you’ve come here looking for information about how to get around the blocking software your school has in place so you can get to your page, stop reading my blog and do your homework. I never had any info on how to get around that software in the first place, and in the second place, the blog that talked about that, the one that used to reside here, is long gone because I want to keep my job.

Thank you for visiting Scott Laleman’s blog. Have a Scott Laleman day.

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