One week

At some point last week, I was looking at Rachel and decided that the hospital had measured her wrong. So like any other man, I went to the toolbox and got out the trusty Black & Decker tape measure, stretched out my little girl, and lay the tape down next to her. She was 21 inches.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and my measurements were confirmed. Not that I doubted the accuracy of my measurements…it was just nice to have it confirmed medically.

I can’t believe we’ve had her for a week already.

One thought on “One week

  1. Well, you are off on your adventure – for real now! You could say the car was in the garage, you spent a long time planning and packing, and now you are on your way. Every scene, every mountain, every valley, every shore, every sunny day and stormy one will bring new views and perspectives to be cherised. She is your treasure just as you are hers and as with any gem, the setting helps her shine. Hugs ~

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