One month; One year

Rachel is four weeks old today. Sunday, Monica and I will celebrate our first year of marriage.

The weeks are flying by…I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It seems like only yesterday that the whole family was here and we were tubing down the Comal River.

I can’t believe Rachel has already been with us a month, too. Looking back at the video from her first week, I can see how much she’s changed already. She’s gone from random eye movement, to direct eye contact. Sometimes I’ll be paying attention to something else, I’ll look down, and she’s staring right at me. I guess I need to start minding my P’s & Q’s.

Last night, Rachel attended her first baseball game. Not that she even noticed, because she slept through most of it, but it was fun just the same. It was also fun explaining the game to my niece, Rebecca. I can’t wait until I can explain baseball to Rachel…

“So you see, the pitcher is trying to catch the man off the base so he can get him out. You can see how many outs there are up on the scoreboard. Right now, the away team is hitting, so the runs they’ve scored on across from their name on the scoreboard.”

“Daddy, why do they have a whole bunch of different numbers, and we only have zeros?”

“Because we’re Cubs fans, sweetie, and that’s how it goes.”

One thought on “One month; One year

  1. Scott, I do SO enjoy your blogs about your daughter. Makes me wish I had something written like this when my own kids were first here. It sure would be something special to share with them later!! Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us. Enjoy your last three weeks off!

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