Month Nine

Dear Rachel,

Today you are 9 months old. You’ve now officially been in the world longer than you were inside mommy.

Rachel and Mommy

What a month. You started crawling. Except for us it has been more like: HOLY CRAP! YOU STARTED CRAWLING! You have no idea how much this has turned our lives upside down.

Rachel and shadow

We think it’s hysterical now that you can go after the dog, but we’ve had to completely rearrange the house because there was all kinds of stuff that wasn’t kid frienly just lying around. For instance, we had to put our collection of razor sharp Ginsu Knives up high so you wouldn’t be tempted to swallow one, or slice off Sparky’s tail. Same thing for our stash of dynamite.

Rachel 2-25-07

Of course, along with the crawling comes you pretending not to understand when we tell you no. And, OH the Humanity if we ever tell you no and pull you away from something we don’t want you doing, like sticking your entire arm into the VCR. Being told no is something you don’t like very much and we’ve gotten used to your little fits when we take you away from your mischief. We just sit there and laugh maniacally at you and wring our hands…bwah ha ha ha. You mom also makes fun of you when you throw fits and starts mocking your crying. Just remember, when we’re 80 and in diapers, it was your mother who tortured you.

Bright Eyes

I guess we’ve been telling you no quite a bit because one of your ‘things’ this month was to start shaking your head back and forth violently. You don’t know what it means yet because you do it all the time. “Hi Rachel” (shakes head no). “Do you want food?” (shakes head no, then opens mouth).

365 day reject

You are starting to make different noises with your mouth. Last night, when I got home, I swear I heard you say “Hi Daddy.” It really sounded like it. And how cool would that be if you actually did say it? Of course, your mother is devestated because she carried you around for nine months, and This Is The Thanks She Gets? You’ll never hear the end of it.


Your eating patterns are pretty well established, and you’ve started eating some different solids. One of your favorite things is Wagon Wheels, which are like little airy snacks that melt in your mouth. You hold onto them and suck on them until they melt, and usually, you end up with more than half in your mouth. Of course, the parts that don’t end up in your mouth end up everywhere else, and if we don’t catch them right away, they harden again into little crusty nuggets that the dog tries to lick off you.

Playing with food

Speaking of the dog, he’s figured out that being under your high chair at dinner is a gold mine. You’re not feeding yourself quite yet, so he hasn’t discovered the full potential of dropped baby food that is sure to come along after we give you a weapon spoon and let you have at it on your own.

Dear Lord, please make it stop

You went to Austin again this month, and got to meet your friend Annika for the first time. YOu also managed to pick up a cold, which lead to a sinus infection, which lead to your first time being on anitbiotics, which lead to us finding out you’re allergic to them because you were pooping everywhere. That incident lead to us realizing that your doctor wasn’t part of mommy’s insurance anymore so we had to switch doctors. Now you’re fine, and we just had your 9 month appointment this morning. YOu got a glowing review from your new doctor, and by the way, I love how quickly we’re in and out of these appointments. Less than 30 minutes for this one.

Introducing the class of 2024

This evening, we’re leaving on our first real road trip with you. You’ll be making your second visit to Illinois, but your first really long trip in the car. In order to pull this off, Mommy and I are going Old School and driving through the night, like I used to do when I was in college. Except I’m not in college anymore, and I haven’t pulled an all-nighter in years. But you’ll be asleep and I’d rather make the drive when you’re asleep instead of making you sit in a car seat during the time you’d normally be awake and moving around.


If you’re (not) lucky, you may actually get to see snow for the first time in your life. Grandma Connie and Grandpa Rick are looking forward to seeing you, and they’ve already bought you a bunch of stuff because that’s what Grandparents do…they spoil the grandkids rotten, then give them back to their parents who have to deal with the aftermath.


Then they sit back and laugh maniacally and wring their hands…bwah ha ha ha.

Contemplating her fingers

We love you very much.


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