Three Years, One Month

Dear Rachel,

This past week, you turned 37 months old. We’ve had a lot of fun this month, and you’ve been spending a lot of time at home with Mommy. She’s off for the summer, but I still have to go to work four days out of the week. It’s been really nice to have long weekends with you and Mommy, though, so we can do more things together, like going to the beach.


Momma feels bad for you because you’ll stop being our only child in less than a week, and she’s worried about how you will handle it. She never had to go from being the center of attention to not being the center of attention, and I told her that you’d do just fine with it. And if you don’t, I’ll tell you to suck it up. It’s part of life. We have been watching you when you’re around other babies and you seem to do fine. We just don’t know how you’ll be when there’s one around 24/7.


Since Emily is coming in less than a week, we decided that you would switch rooms, so that Emily would be closer to our room in case we neede to get up with her in the middle of the night. Listen to me, “in case.” Like it might happen. Anyway, you were very excited about getting a new room, so last week, we moved all of your stuff, and sorted through your toys to decide which ones to keep, which ones to leave for Emily, and which ones to throw out. It made quite a difference in the amount of stuff you had, and the built in bookshelves in your new room gave us a great place to put a lot of your things that had previously been on the floor or in your closet. This weekend, we got new carpet in all of the bedrooms, and you got a new “big girl” bed. You’re making out pretty well in this whole deal.

My three girls

Your attitude seemed to change overnight this past month, too. About halfway through the month, I said to your mother, “Have you noticed that there haven’t really been that many fits this month?” Then I immediately knocked on wood, threw salt over my shoulder and ran backward in a circle three times so as not to jinx it. You’ve gotten really good about taking “no” from us, and listening when we’re trying to correct you. I don’t know if the sudden change has to do with being home with Momma all the time, or turning three, or what. I guess we’ll know for sure once school starts again.


Like last summer, we’ve been trying to stay cool by staying in the water as much as we can. We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been hitting the pool pretty often too. You are a regular little fish, and love to be in the water. When we were in the ocean, you were riding the waves in your little blow-up ring, and you wanted me to let go of you. Every time a big wave would come, you’d laugh and laugh and say how much fun it was.


You’ve also been going to the library and the movies with Momma during the week while I’m at work. You’ve been to three movies now, and Momma says you’re doing better sitting through the whole thing, but you do have to go potty during the movie a few times.


We’re trying to get you to understand the concept of “borrowing” since the first time you brought home books from the library, you thought they were yours to keep. You’ve also gotten to borrow a little tiny laptop from my work, which you think is yours to keep also.

Sleepy kids

I know I always talk about your personality, but this month, you’ve started saying things that just make us roll with laughter. Not things that are inappropriate, but just things that are completely unexpected. We can really tell that you’re starting to think on your own, and below I’ve listed just a few of the best Rachel-isms that we heard this month.
“I had so much fun here!” said coming out of HEB
“I miss Mommy,” two seconds after she got out of the car
“These are too much kids,” said after gathering all of your stuffed animals in your bed.
“It’s de-yishis!” about a Jimmy John’s sandwich
“That will probably be fun!”
“I need appetizer soap!” instead of hand sanitizer. When I told you slowly how to say it – hand san-i-tizer, you said, “hand san-appetizer soap.”
“Mommy, George is ALL done, so that means I need to play on your computer.”


As always, we’re very excited for this coming month, and can’t wait to see how you handle being a big sister. We love you very much, and you will always hold a very special place in our hearts as our first child.


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