October/November 2012

Dear girls,

Another month, and yet another one that I forgot to write to you.

The temperatures have finally fallen below 90, but the chill of fall is still not really in the air. We’ll get a day or two here and there, but mostly, it still feels like summer. Shorts and t-shirts are still the wardrobe of the day.

Emily, you continue to improve at identifying letters and colors, and you’re getting better and better and counting things too. Over the past couple of months, you’ve started identifying letters by the person they’re associated with in your class. Each of you has a “letter link” to help you learn your letters, and your teachers call you by that letter link too. You are “Emily Eggs.” When we’re watching Super Why or other TV shows, or just looking at books, or the magnetic letters you play with, you’ll point to a letter and say, “That’s for Alex Alligator!”

Rachel, you had a project to do on a planet for your GT class, and you decided on Uranus. We created a model of the planet, and you did a lot of reading to come up with some facts to present to your class. We practiced for several nights, and you did a great job with it. What we didn’t know when you started the project was that you would have a night when everyone in your class presented their projects to parents. It was really cool to see you talking to people you didn’t even know about your planet. You have always been extroverted, and that came in really handy when it came time for you to present. You also got another character award this past month. We are so very proud of you for getting recognized a second time by your teachers for being such an outstanding little girl.

Speaking of extroverts, Emily, you sure came out of your shell when it came time for Halloween! You’re usually the shy one, not wanting to talk to people that you already know sometimes, but on Halloween, well, there was candy at stake! You were literally running from house to house trying to be first to the door so you could get your hands on more! candy! This was also the first year that we really ventured beyond our own street (which is admittably, pretty lame). We met up with your friends from a few houses down and went trick or treating with them around the entire neighborhood. You both had so much candy that we had to empty your buckets halfway through!

Rachel, you finally finished up soccer and really came into your own over the last couple of weeks in the season. It seemed like you really enjoyed it, but we’re going to take a break from all activities during the fall just to give your mother and I a little break.

Of course, the most exciting thing that happened over the past couple of months is that Grandma and Grandpa are finally here! They came down just before Thanksgiving, and you all even helped them move into their new apartment. Your mother and I are, of course, very excited to have them here as well. Their new apartment has a playground, which you begged to play on the first day they moved in.

Christmas is right around the corner, and I know that you’ll both be good girls because Santa is watching. You Mommy and I love both of you very much.