October 2011

Dear girls,

Fall is here. Halloween is over. Your grandparents arrive in a couple of week. Let me repeat that…your grandparents arrive in a couple of weeks! We’ve had another adventurous month, and your father actually got out his real camera and took a bunch of pictures of you this month.

Emily, I think we know what you’re going to be when you grow up. You’re bound to be a lobbyist. This past month, you started lobbying to stay up later. You start you lobbying even before we think about bed time, usually right around the end of dinner. We’ll be having a perfectly lovely conversation, or getting you to finish up your food, and you’ll turn and look at us with frowning eyes and say, “No night night.” You’ll repeat it over and over again until you get some kind of response out of us, or some reassurance that it’s not even close to bedtime yet.

Your speech has really improved a lot over the past month, and we can pretty much understand everything you’re telling us. We still have to use context clues every once in a while, but most of the time, you’re pretty clear. At least to us. We’ll see how clear you actually are when your grandparents arrive. I have a feeling we’re in for a couple of months of translating for you until they brush up on their toddler speak.

Rachel, you’ve been doing really well at school. You got your report card and it was all great news! Your mother and I had a conference with your teacher this past month and she had nothing but good things to say about you. We’re very happy that you’ve adjusted to school so well. Not that we ever had any doubts.

You are also getting along really well with your dance class. Every time I take you, I watch in the window as your teacher shows you what she wants you to do, then watch as you concentrate to get as close to what the teacher was doing as you possibly can. You try really hard and you’re doing a great job.

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside over the past month, since the weather has finally cooled down a little bit. It’s nice to not worry about sweating so much while we’re outside, but we have had to use an awful lot of bug spray.

Emily, you finally got your very own hearing aide this past month. You’ve been using a loaner for almost a year and a half now, and we finally got around to buying your own. You also had another hearing test this month, and you seem to be doing really well. Of course, your hearing aide wasn’t turned on for the first half of the test (my fault), but you still did really well.

Rachel, you’ve been working very hard at reading, writing, and spelling, and now you’re starting to blow us away with your mad math skillz. I was worried at the beginning of the year that you’d be bored in school, but you’ve done a great job and it looks like you’re learning a lot. We’re very proud of you.

This past weekend, I took the two of you to the air show at Randolph AFB. I always enjoy going to these things, and I was so thrilled that the two of you had such a good time, too. Emily, you were so excited to see all of the airplanes, and it was amazing to you that every time you turned around there was another airplane to be seen. Rachel, you did a great job walking around because I know that it was a LOT of walking. You didn’t complain at all, even when your sister got to be carried and you still had to walk. I can’t wait to take you guys again next year.

Finally, you both did a great job trick-or-treating, and I’m so happy that Emily decided to go door to door also. Of course, getting free candy is a strong incentive. Rachel, you had a little bit of trouble with tripping over your horse legs, but you did a great job, espeically considering that we walked a lot farther than we ever have doing tricking or treaing before. I hope you both had a great time doing it.

As always, we can’t wait to see what the next month will bring. We love you very much.