Emily shows them who’s boss

Em stood there yelling at the dogs that were barking for about 30 seconds.


We got over 2" of rain last night, and the creeks are full.

I went down to the Grissom trailhead of the Leon Creek trail and took these pictures of the trail underwater.

While I was down there, a guy came down on a bike, evidently thinking he was going to ride under the bridge. When he saw how deep the water was and how fast it was moving, he changed his mind.

September 2011

Dear girls,

School has started, and fall is in the air. Wait…no it’s not. It’s still blazing hot outside, and probably will be for another month. We live in Texas, after all. Anyway…here we go with this month’s installment of “what you did last month”

Emily, this has been quite the month for you. I think we’re going to refer to it as the “me too” month. You’ve finally gained an understanding of what everyone is doing around you, and you want in on the fun. Whenever Rachel says she wants to do something, you follow right up with a cheery “me too!” You’ve gotten very good at communicating what you want, and when you want it. You’ve also gotten a lot better at differentiaing your words….either that, or we’ve gotten a lot better at understanding what you want.

You’ve also started changing up some of your words this month. In the last week, you’ve changed from calling us Mama and Dada to Mommy and Daddy.  Actually, Da-tee. You also started calling bananas “nanny” instead of “nana,” while referring to your Nana the same way (nanny). So that confusion is still present and we have to use context to figure it out.

Rachel, you’ve been doing well at school, but your teacher tells us that sometimes you don’t finish assignments during the day. We are going to have a conference with her in October, but I’m not sure if you’re not finishing because you’re a perfectionist, or because you’re talking to your friends, or what the deal is. I do know it’s not because you can’t do the work, though.

The 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks was this month, and there was a lot of TV coverage about it. I remember when it happened and the discussions we had at my school about whether it was appropriate to talk about it with the youngest kids at the school. We knew that those children had seen a lot on TV, and now, as a father of a kindergartener, I can understand the concern so much better. Rachel, you were very worried about the people who died in those attacks and asked a lot of questions about airplanes and tall buildings. I can’t imagine what those kids who witnessed those attacks as they happened 10 years ago must have felt. As adults, it’s very hard for us to understand why people would do such horrible things, and your mother and I have tried our best to reassure you that some people are just not nice, but that you shouldn’t spend you time worrying about it because we are going to do our very best to keep you safe.

Along the lines of keeping your safe, you also started worrying about earthquakes and thunderstorms a lot more over the past month. We had a tiny bit of weather which made you scared, but you spent an entire weekend worrying about earthquakes because there was one in the news early in the month. It’s very interesting to see you try to process the things that adults take for granted every day, and to watch you worry about things that no one has any control over.

And for something you do have control over, Emily, you’ve started going potty in the toilet quite a bit now. You still don’t usually tell us when you need to go, but when we sit you on it, you will make a little tinkle for us. You’re not afraid of it like Rachel was at your age, and I think it won’t be long before you’re ditching the diapers altogether.

Your Grandpa Rick came down for a visit at the beginning of the month, and the two of you were so happy to see him. Your grandparents have decided to come to Texas a little earlier this year, so you’ll see them again before Thanksgiving!

Your mother and I love you both very much, and can’t wait to see what the next month will bring. We also can’t wait to see what you both want to be for Halloween!