June 2011

Dear girls,

What a month! We had a birthday! and a Big! Trip! to New York! So without any further adieu, I bring you June 2011.


Rachel, you turned 5 years old this past month. What a turning point for you. You are growing up so quickly, and there have been times over the past month where you’ve told us that you don’t want to grow up. But there have also been times where you tell us about how you can’t wait to go to Kindergarten, then turn 6, then go to first grade, and so on. You’re feeling a little conflicted, and I think part of it has to do with the fact that your sister has really come into her own this past month, and I think you’re feeling a little jealous.


I get it, baby girl, I totally do. If there’s one thing I can relate to with you, it’s being the oldest child. Your mother and I have noticed that you’ve doing a lot of baby talk this past month and craving a lot of attention from us, and we’ve been really making an effort to spend some alone time with you so that you get all of our attention during that time. It certainly is a balancing act having an almost 2 year old and a 5 year old, especially when the younger one is so demanding of your time.


And that almost two year old would be you, Miss Emily Marie. You are quite the little girl. There are days where you make us smile and laugh so hard, and there are other days (sometimes just minutes apart from the smiling, laughing days) where you try our patience to the very end.


You have started talking up a storm, and are saying two-word sentences all the time now. “Up pea” “Mine oos” “Mine bank” “Ma pea” and we pretty much know what you’re telling us most of the time. It’s been so nice to have you be able to communicate with us, but the times where you flat out don’t want to do what we’re asking are the most frustrating. Especially when we’re on a 4 hour plane ride.


We visited New York at the end of the month, and it was the first time in a year that Emily had been on a plane. Since we flew before your birthday, Emily, we decided that you could go as a lap child to save us some money. And trying to save money was where we went terribly wrong. You did not want to sit on anyone’s lap, let alone be in one spot without moving around very much for 4 whole hours. You only wanted your mother, when you wanted anyone at all, and your poor momma was at her wit’s end somewhere over South Carolina.

Emily and the Henry Hudson Bridge

Once we got to New York, everything got better. You both got to meet your newest cousin for the first time (as did your mother and I), and you both had a great time playing in the parks next to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Britton’s apartment. Rachel, you were already a pro at riding the train from our trip 3 years ago, and Emily, it took you a few days, and one disastrous trip during rush hour, but you finally got the hang of it too.


We didn’t get to do a lot of touristy things, but overall the trip was a success. We’ll have to go back when both of you are bigger and Emily can sit still through all of the touristy stuff like bus and boat rides. I’m sure that we will not take another 3 years to go back, because ever since we’ve been back, Emily, you have been asking about the baby every day.


Right before we left for New York, Rachel, you started dance classes. Your Nana paid for the classes for you as part of your birthday present, and we decided that you would take the summer off from soccer. Just one class in, and I think you’re loving it. We’ll have to see what the fall brings, and you’ll probably have to decide if you want to play soccer or continue in dance classes.

Geeking out at the Lego store

Next month we have another birthday, I go back to work, and the summer starts to wind down. I hope that we can enjoy the rest of the summer as much as we’ve enjoyed the first part. Your mother and I love you both very much!

George Washington Bridge and the Little Red Lighthouse