Don’t be mean

Rachel has been walking around the house lately singing Taylor Swift’s “Mean” which she said she learned from a friend at school. She actually heard it while she was roller skating last weekend, which I think is why she started singing it so much. But she screws up the words.

“Soooome day, I’ll be livin in a big ole ciiiity, and aaaaall you’re ever gonna is be mean.”

April 2011

Dear girls,

The first thing I want to mention this month is that the two of you now have a new cousin! Your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Britton had their baby girl, Sabrina on April 15. You got to “meet” her when Grandma and Grandpa went out to New York and we talked to them all on the computer. We’re all going out to New York in June to meet her in person, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

Emily, we’ll start off with you, and the question of the month: who in the heck taught you the word “NO”? It seems like that’s all we’ve heard from you this month. One day, you just started shouting out “NOOO” as clear as day. “Emily, do you want some milk?” “NOOOO!” “Can you please eat some of your meat?” “NOOO!” all the while vigerously shaking your head.


I guess that’s not a totally fair classification of the words you’re saying, it just seems like all you say is no. You’ve also started saying “please,” but you have to be prompted, and you’ll try repeating most of the words we say. You’ve also started stringing two words together to form sentences, which is very exciting for us. You’ll say “zzhoos ah” (shoes off) when you come in the house, and “ma puh” (more please) when we prompt you to ask for something.


Along with this new found language has come an independent streak that’s going to kill your mother and I. You are pushing your limits, and we have to remember to inform you of everything we’re planning on doing before we do it, or you’ll throw a fit because it doesn’t necessarily fit in with your plans. Sometimes, even when we do let you know what’s coming up, you don’t want to have anything to do with it. And you like to go off exploring on your own. We were playing in the driveway the other day, I turned to talk to Rachel, and the next thing I knew, you were at the end of the driveway about to go into the street.


Rachel, we got you all registered for Kindergarten next year, and you’ll be going to a new school. I think you’re going to do just fine, as you’ve continued to improve your reading and writing with every passing day. The other day you were reading out of a 2nd grade book to me, and you did a really great job with it!


You have really been enjoying playing soccer, and you even scored a goal! Of course, the ref blew the whistle right before you scored, but it still counts in our minds! When you first started playing soccer last summer, I wasn’t sure how you would do because you didn’t seem to like the games very much, but now you look like you’re having so much fun out there.


You’ve also become very concerned with your birthday part, as birthday party season appears to be in full swing. You keep telling us where you want your party and talk about it on an almost daily basis. You tell us about the kids in your class that are already 5, and we can tell you’re very excited to turn 5 yourself. Even though it’s still over a month away, we’re already planning for the big day.

An Easter Bike Ride

We are looking forward to May and all of the new things you’ll learn. We are always amazed at the new things each of you show us every month. We love you very much.