December 2010

Dear girls,

Here we are, at the end of another year. As we look ahead to 2011, I’m very excited about the possibilities the new year will bring. Your mother and I are both looking forward to the changes we will see in you, and watching your grow into little people.

O Christmas Tree

Emily, you have been learning a lot lately, and are trying to talk a lot more. We’ve been trying to get you to stop whining and pointing at things you want, and getting you to tell us what it is you want from us. You will say “UP! GO!” when you want up which is actually you saying up, down. You just haven’t gotten the D sound going yet. And eventually you’ll get that up is one thing and down is another.  Which I think you already partially understand, but you just like saying them together anyway.

Emily - December 2010

You’ve started feeding yourself with silverware (for the most part) and will try really hard to use your fork to stab your food. You still have some trouble getting food on a spoon, and when someone helps you, you sometimes have trouble keeping it upright and keeping the food in place, but you’re working really hard on it, which is what’s important.


Rachel, you have been sounding out words you see for a while now, but this past month you started doing words in your head.  You’ll tell us that you know how to spell a word (that you haven’t seen on a sign on the side of the road) and you’ll start to spell it.  Usually, you’ll get the phonetics right, but we’ll have to correct you on a letter or two.  It’s really impressive!

Saturday ay the Lake

You were so excited for Christmas this year. You really tried your very best to be good so that Santa Claus would come to our house. Last month, when the mailers started coming with all of the toys listed, you would get out a marker and circle all of the things that you wanted. The things you REALLY wanted, you’d draw circles AND arrows on. I hope you enjoyed everything you go for Christmas.


Emily, you still don’t have much of an idea what Christmas is about, but you certainly enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper. It was fun to watch both of you girls on Christmas morning, playing with everything you’d gotten.


As always, we are very excited to see what the next month and year will bring for our family. We are so lucky to have such wonderful girls. We love you very much.