We have a walker!

Get up, stand up!

Red and yellow, kill a fellow.

Found this little guy hanging out today while I was cutting branches and clearing brush on our land. Luckily I had my phone with me so I could Google images of coral snakes to confirm that it could, indeed, kill me. I didn't have anything to strike back with since I'd broken the blade on my trimmer earlier in the morning, so I just took a few pictures and let it slither away.

October 2010

Dear Girls,

There are a lot of things this month that I could just say “ditto” on from last month. The walking, the teeth, Rachel constantly wanting to play with her new friend, and so much more, but I suppose since I’m already a week late in writing this, I should come up with some of the new things the two of you have done this month.


We had another great month with the two of you, and I am constantly reminded of just how different the two of you are.  Emily, you still aren’t quite ready to start walking on your own, but you’re much more willing to walk around holding our hands than Rachel ever was. When Rachel was learning to walk, she wanted to be carried more than she wanted to try walking, but it seems like every chance you get, you’re giving us your hand so you can stand up and walk with us.  We finally got you to keep a pair of shoes on, and now, we can’t go anywhere without you wanting to put them on. You went 14 months without wearing anything on your feet, and you took to these new shoes (which are actually your sister’s old shoes) really well.


Rachel, you have been playing soccer so well over the past month, and I think the change in the weather has a lot to do with it. For most of your games the weather has been very comfortable, in stark contrast to the heat wave that we had nearly every game over the summer. Starting earlier makes a difference, too, and you’ve been playing a lot and really making an attempt to kick the ball.  I don’t know that you’re going to be the next Mia Hamm, but you look like you’re having fun, and that’s what really matters.


Your grandparents came to visit for an extended weekend in the middle of the month, and we got a little preview of what our winter is going to be like.  And that would be JOYOUS because we’ll have some extra hands to help out with the two of you. It’s amazing how quickly we forget just how nice it is to have two other adults around to help us entertain you two.


Emily, your audiologist decided that we weren’t going to try that new hearing aide after all, and they’ve let you stay with the one you’ve been wearing all along.  To be quite honest, we were kind of happy with that decision. We were very nervous about trying to get you to wear something new on your head. You had another hearing test with your hearing aide on, and you showed that you can hear sounds at almost a normal level. We were very excited about that because it showed us that the hearing aide is doing it’s job. Of course, we know that you can hear just fine without it, too, by the way you react to your world around you. We see you react to sound all of the time, and it always makes us feel good to know that your one good ear is doing great things for you.


Rachel, you continue to do very well in school. Even though we haven’t had a formal conference with your teacher yet, the few times that we’ve spoken with her in passing, she has nothing but good things to say about you. She seems to think you’re going to be quite a leader when you get older because you tend to take charge of things when you’re at school. You do a great job at home too, playing with your sister and helping us around the house when we ask.


The one thing we (and others) have been really impressed with this past month is when we ask you to do something and you respond with a cheery “OK Daddy!” or “OK Mommy!” Someone even asked how we got you to do that, like it was a trick or something. We just said that we’d been working very hard on getting you to do the things we ask you to do the first time we ask.


The last thing we had going on this month was, of course, Halloween. We had a great time carving pumpkins, and I have to say, I’m very impressed, Rachel, that you’re not afraid of, or grossed out by pumpkin guts. It’s one of those things…either you are or you aren’t, and you don’t mind at all sticking your hand into a pumpkin and pulling out a handful of slimy, gooey stuff.

Carving Pumpkins

We had a bit of a “Toy Story” theme going on this year, and Rachel, for the first time ever, you went trick or treating beyond our block. After we took you and Emily to a few houses close by, I put Emily to bed and you and Mommy went trick or treating all the way down our street and onto the next block.


Emily, we were very impressed with you at Halloween. You do not like things on your head, and the few times that we’d tried to put your costume on you we were met with crying and pushing and not just general unhappiness. But Halloween night, not only did you let me put it on you, but you left it on for over an hour!


We’re very excited to get through this month next month because, at the end of it, your grandparents will be here for the winter! We can’t wait to see what the next month is going to bring for both of you, and we’re looking forward to all of the new milestones you’ll set. We love you very much.