September 2010

Dear Girls,

September seemed to be a longer month than the last few, and I think that’s because we’re back into our work routine. It’s weird that we have less time with you, but it seems to go by more slowly than it did during the summer.

Monica's birthday lunch

Rachel, you started playing soccer in a new league, but with almost all of the same kids you played with before. We’re really happy that you’re getting to play with kids you know, and your mother and I are happy that we get to keep hanging out with a really great group of parents.


You’re not shy at all about making new friends, as we find out every time we go to the playground. Recently, you found a new friend right next door.  The little girl that lives next to us is a year older than you, and a few weeks ago you were both playing outside at the same time. You asked if you could go over and play with her and the two of you ran yourselves ragged.  From that point on, you have been asking almost every day if you can go over to play with her.

Saturday, in the park

Emily, when you decided that you were ready to walk, you jumped in with both feet.  You’ve been all over the house this month, and you’ve really taken to the walker that your grandparents got you for your birthday. You get the biggest smile on your face when one of us offers you a hand or a finger. You’ll grab on, stand up, and start following us around.  I’ve been trying to get you to balance a little more holding my hand lower when you’re walking with me so you’re not pulling on me so much, but just holding onto something while you balance yourself. You’ve also started funiture surfing over the past couple of weeks, so you’re figuring out that you can get around without us, or your walker.


We’re trying to get you to make the transition from bottle to cup, so we’ve been giving you milk in a sippy cup this past month. Over the summer, you didn’t want to have anything to do with milk in a cup. I don’t know if the taste was different, or if you were just getting too much in your mouth at once, but you’d take one sip, make a face, and push it away.  Now, you’ll drink for a while before you decide that you’ve had enough.  It’s still not enough to replace the bottle, but we’re getting there.


Rachel, you’re such an inquisitive little girl. I bet some day you’re going to be a scientist or a mechanic…someone who takes things apart and finds out how or why they work. You’ve been asking a lot this past month about life and death. You’ve begun asking about why people and things die, and what happens when they do. We went to a wedding reception at the Witte Museum earlier in the month, and they had displays of bugs. You wanted to know all about if they were dead and what would happen if they weren’t dead, and why they were dead. It’s a little morbid, but your questions are very mature.

La Gloria, Pearl Brewery, and the museum extension of the Riverwalk.

Emily, you are getting even more teeth, and have been gnawing on everything, especially your hand. I have a feeling you’re going to get a lot of teeth in your mouth all at once because you’re chewing in places that don’t even look like they’re getting teeth yet. You finally have all four of your front teeth – two on top and two on the bottom – so that little baby look is going away and quickly being replaced by a little girl look.


On one final note, you had another hearing test at the end of the month, and you did so well!  They plugged up your good ear so you were only hearing with your hearing aide, and everyone was very excited when you showed that you were hearing very quiet sounds. That tells us that the hearing aide is really helping you, and we’re really happy about that. Next, we’ll be trying a new hearing aide on you to see which one works better. But just to know that what we’ve been doing is working for you is very encouraging.


We’re very excited because your grandparents are coming this month for a few days, and it won’t be long before they’re here for the winter. You both are so excited to talk to them every week, it’s going to be really fun to have them around for a few months.

Our walk tonight

We love you both very much, and can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring.