August 2009

Dear girls,

So…we’re starting this month off a little differently. You’re going to have to get used to sharing things, anyway, so I figured I’d give you a bit of a head start.


Rachel, you turned three years and two months old last week, and we are still amazed by you every single day. You have become very independent, and while it’s a relief that you are so able to go and do things on your own, it’s a bit scary for us too.


While we were in Illinois last week, you went next door and played with the neighbor girls, Kimmie and Tricia, most of the day. All by yourself. Every hour or so, we’d peek across the fence to make sure you were still there, and then go back to whatever it was we were doing. You also had two successful trips to a public restroom all by yourself. Both happened while we were on the road, after I’d decided that the men’s restroom was far too disgusting for you (your mother was feeding your sister both times). You went it, did your thing, washed your hands, and came back out all without any help from me.


That’s really good because you’re going to start pre-school next week. We went to meet your teacher on Friday and you took off, playing with other kids all by yourself for about 30 minutes. You’ve been looking forward to this day ever since we told you that you were going to school. When we had to come home, you were very sad. You were ready to stay all day.


You’ve been such a good big sister this past month, and we only had a small worry right after we brought Emily home. We were playing outside one day, and I had the baby monitor out there with me because Emily was sleeping. She made some little noise in her sleep and you asked what it was. I told you it was Emily, and you said, “I don’t care. I don’t care about Emily,” and that was the last we heard of it. The rest of the time it’s been “I love my baby sister,” “I want to kiss her!” and “Can I hold her?” You give her kisses all the time, and I’m hoping that continues as the two of you get older.


Emily, your first month with us has been amazing. I never knew that my heart could open up and have any more love in it than I had for your sister, but it has. We were very excited to meet you, and we still can’t believe that we’re parents to two beautiful little girls.

Welcome to the world, Emily Marie!

I don’t know how we’ve managed to juggle having two kids in the house, and just like your big sister got to experience all of our first child mistakes, you will get to experience all of our having-to-deal-with-two-kids mistakes.


We’ve had some adjusting to do with you…it turns out your tummy didn’t agree with the formula we’d been giving you, and your first week or so, you’d squirm and kick and scream trying to get rid of the gas and the poop you had built up inside of you. We switched you to a different formula, and it seems to have made a world of difference.


You’re to the point now where you’re sleeping 5 hours (or close to it) every night. Of course, we’d like for you to be sleeping longer than that, but we’ll take what we can get. Speaking of sleeping, girl, you sleep like an old man. You make so many noises when you sleep, it sounds like you’re waking up all the time. When we went to Illinois, you were sleeping in a play pen in the same room as us, and after a couple of nights, we had to move you out to the dining room because you were keeping us up all night with all of your moaning and groaning.

baby smile

When you wake up in the mornings, your eyes are almost always covered in goopy eye boogers. We don’t know what’s causing it, but if you’re anything like me, you might be allergic to something in our house. I hope that we can figure it out and get you to stop waking up with crusty eyes.


One thing that has us a little worried is that you failed your hearing test in the hospital. Your right ear was just fine, but your left ear failed. We have a more extensive test scheduled for you later this month, so hopefully we’ll know more about what’s causing that after we get those test results.


We all went up to Illinois last week to visit with your grandparents. It was your first flight, in what will probably be a long string of air travel for you, Emily, and you handled it like a champ. Rachel, I think we figured out that this was your 5th time on an airplane in just three short years. Your frequent flier card is in the mail.


We are so happy and so fortunate to have the both of you in our lives. We love you both very much, and as always, we can’t wait to watch you grow up.

The Lalemans

Love always,


We have given Emily a couple of baths since she’s been home, and every time we do, her hair coils up like little springs, in these tight little curls. It will be interesting to see if it still curls like that once she loses her baby hair.