Twenty Two Months

Dear Rachel,

This past week, you turned 22 months old. Your world is becoming more and more open to us, as you’re adding new words every day.

It was a very busy month for us, but before I get into all of the new things you’re doing, you need to know about the very important person that is no longer with us.

Your Great-Grandma Jean died this past month, and while I don’t know if you’ll have memories of her, I’m happy that she got a chance to know you. You are the only child we’ll ever have who knew Grandma Jean and that is something very special. She is the one who gave you your Raggedy Andy doll (or “nigh-nigh” as you call him). She loved you very much, and now she can watch over you every day.

You’re learning more words every day, and while we still don’t get everything you say, we’re getting a lot more than we ever have. Before this month, you would just talk whether someone was listening or not. Now, you have to make sure that someone is listening to you before you say anything. Yes, we’ve reached the “Dada? Dada? Dada? Dada?” stage. You’ll call one of our names until we acknowledge you, and then you’ll tell us whatever it is you have to say.


You’re starting to learn your colors, and while you still get them wrong sometimes, you get them right a lot too. You know blue (boo), red (wed), and green (geen), and you’ll say brown and orange. At first, everything was blue or red, and sometimes boowed, but now you’re starting to point to colors and say either blue or red, then look at us as if to ask if you’re right.


You’re starting to dress yourself more, and can get your pants or shorts on most of the time. You’ll try to get socks on by yourself but the opening is still a little small, and you haven’t learned how to stretch the socks out to make the opening bigger. But you’re trying, and that’s exciting.

On?  On?

Grandma and Grandpa got you a sandbox last month before they left, and we finally got it set up and filled with sand, and you love playing in it. You can spend an awful lot of time scooping up sand, filling your bucket, then dumping over (usually on the deck). The first time we played in it, the sand was a little wet, and I helped you make a castle with the bucket. We’d fill it up, then I’d turn it over quickly and go “BOOM!” So now, your word for the sandbox is “a-boom.”

You started walking Sparky on your own this month, but we’re not quite ready for you to start taking him for walks around the neighborhood. He follows you pretty well, but I’m still worried about what might happen if he sees something he wants to chase while you’re holding the leash. You learned to tell him “sit,” “stay,” and “heal,” so you’re well on your way to being the pack leader.

Sit, Sparky, sit...good dog.

Probably the most exciting thing this month was that you got to see snow for the first time. Despite the sad circumstances for us being up north and just the fact that it was indeed snowing in March, it was really cool to see you get so excited about the snow. It almost made we wish there had been more for you to play around in. Almost.


Your second birthday is coming up quickly and we can hardly wait. You’re becoming more of a little person and less of a baby every day. It’s so much fun to watch you grown and learn. We love you very much.


What’s Old is New Again

I just received my Grandparent’s ‘weather station’ this evening via UPS (thanks, Mom for sending it!). You know the one…it used to hang just to the right of the doorway. Here…let me show you:

OK, so not the most flattering picture of Grandma, but it’s the only one I could find that showed where this thing was in her house.

Anyway, as you can tell from the picture, it has three dials on it. A thermometer, a barometer and a hygrometer (You know, it measures the humidity. Ha! Betcha didn’t know that I actually knew the name for that. Well, I didn’t. I had to look it up.)

It’s been hanging in that same spot in Grandma’s house for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I think of Grandma’s house, it’s one of the first things I remember. So anyway, when we were up north, I told Mom I was going to take it with me, and she said something about it needing a good cleaning. So when I got it this evening, I set about trying to clean it.

It’s amazing what a difference a little glass cleaner can make. These first two were taken after I’d cleaned the thermometer, but not the other two:


And you can see what cleaning just half of the face of the barometer looked like:


Now it’s all clean and shiny, and hanging in our house.