Eighteen Months

Dear Rachel,

I know I’m a bit overdue, but I’m sure that looking back at this, years from now, you’ll understand that your Grandfather’s 60th birthday was a bit more important than getting your letter out on the day you turned a year and a half.


It’s been yet another interesting month. It seems like every time we turn around you’re doing something new.

For me, the most exciting thing this month has been the fact that you’ll sit in my lap and let me read a book to you. Before this month, whenever we tried to read to you, you’d want to take the book yourself, and turn the pages back and forth, and would never let us actually read it to you. You still don’t let us finish a book, but you’ll let us read a few pages at a time, and you’ll turn the pages when we ask you to, but once you’re bored with it, you’ll close the book and tell us you’re done in your own special way.

Chillin at the zoo

And that special way is to sign “finished” (albeit backward) and say “BAH!” which is your word for finished, gone, done, no more. It’s actually pretty standard Mexican baby talk for finished, you’ve just taken it one step further (because you’re so dang smart!). When you’re eating, even if you have food left to eat, if there’s no more on the plate, or you see us taking an empty plate to the kitchen, you’ll say “BAH!” Drink empty? “BAH!” We put away your toys – “BAH!” You get the point.

Give love to the hat

Another thing you’ve started doing this month is giving kisses loudly. You’ve given us kisses for months and months, and you’ve been blowing kisses for a while too, but someone (probably Judy) taught you recently to make noise when you give blow kisses. “MMMMMWWWAAAAH!” That has carried over into other kisses as well. The other day, you were kissing my knee and my hand over and over and over – “MMMMMWWWAAAAH!” It was too funny.

Don't mess with me

You went on another road trip this month to see your Grandma Connie and Grandpa Rick. You also got to see both of your great-grandmothers. While we were up north, we went to the zoo, and you saw all kinds of animals. You also showed us just how smart you are. When you were playing with your music table at Grandma and Grandpa’s, you would spin the thing that sang the alphabet song, then you’d go and dance in the middle of the room, almost until the song was over. Then, right before the song ended, you’d run over to the table, wait for it to end, then spin it again so you could dance some more. Spin, dance, repeat. Another spinnny thing played different music each time you spun it, but you knew exactly how many times you needed to spin it to get to the song you wanted to dance to.

Rachel and Grandma

Speaking of spinning you figured out how to spin yourself around and make yourself dizzy. You’ll do that as part of your dancing. It’s hysterical to watch you spin and spin and spin, then try to dance, or even walk. I just hope you don’t ever decide to do that right after you’ve eaten. I don’t want to clean up that mess.
You’ve also started bending yourself completely in half and looking between legs. We don’t have a clue why you do it, and you’ll just stop at random points throughout the day, bend over and look at the world upside down for a few seconds.

Soccer star

You’re chatting with us more than ever, but we still don’t quite get what you’re saying. You’re so close to sentences, it’s scary. You’ll play the Mama Dada game with us in the car, but a few weeks ago you were playing that, and then you said, “Mama?” and when she answered you, you went into this 5 minute conversation, with arm movements and eyebrows and the whole 9 yards. And speaking of eyebrows, you’ve started imitating our “looks” that we give you when we’re not happy with you. It makes us laugh so hard that we can’t be mad with you anymore. You’ve also started crossing your arms when you see someone else doing it, except you’ll make darn sure we know you’re doing it because the motion to cross your arms is so exaggerated, and you do it about 4 times before you finally get your arms crossed and down for good, and you’ve got this big cheesy grin on the whole time.


You continue to amaze us, and we love every second of it.



Yes, I’m well aware that my daughter turns 18 months old today, but she’s taking a back seat for something much more important.

Today is Dad’s 60th birthday. Six decades.





and all around great guy.

So after 60 years, there’s a little less hair (courtesy of Sarah and I)…

…but the fish are still the same size.

Happy birthday Dad. I love you!

Hot and cold

It looks like it’s finally trying to be winter around here. We woke up this morning to a chilly 38 degrees.

Of course the high is supposed to be 71. Saturday is supposed to be 82.

And so goes December in south Texas. Just a taste of winter. Just enough to get you into the Christmas spirit, then it’s back to shorts and t-shirts for the weekend.

Best part – no shoveling snow, no scraping ice off the windshield.