Because I’m a realist…

I’m very excited that the Cubs clinched the central division last night. I stayed up to watch the Brewers lose, allowing (in my opinion) the Cubs to back into the division series. If the Cubs had showed up in Florida at all, they would have clinched earlier in the week.

No way am I this excited:
Tribune Photo

The Cubs have been at this point four time during my life, and every time they’ve failed to deliver. They choked earlier this week in Florida, and have been inconsistent the whole year. I’m just waiting to see which Cubs team shows up for the playoffs.

If they make it to the World Series, I’ll be excited. If.

A new toy…

I found a new online video tool last week through an ed tech blog that I read. Animoto is so easy to use…just upload your pictures, pick the music you want, and it does the rest! It will cut and add effects to your photos to match the music. You can do as many 30 second videos as you want for free, or you can pay $3 for a “full length” video, or pay $30 for an annual pass and create as many full length videos as you want!

Here’s my first creation:

Fifteen Months

Dear Rachel,

Today you turn fifteen months old. This has been quite a month for you, so let’s get started.

I need a drink!

I’ll mention the worst first. You have starting throwing huge, two-year-old-style temper tantrums. You are becoming very opinionated about what you want and don’t want, and by God if you don’t want something, you’re going to let everyone within a 1/2 mile know about it. You’ll start flailing your hands and arms, kicking your feet, and the other day, you even threw a toy at Miss Judy. She wasn’t about to take any of that, and you got put in your first time out, ever, during which your promptly fell asleep. Your fits, we think, are still tied to being tired, hungry, poopy, etc. and aren’t just because you’re being a defiant little stinker…we hope.

Give me what I want, or the phone and the dog's tail get it!

The walking is getting better by the day. You’re all over the place all by yourself now, and in fact there are times when you prefer walking to being carried, if only that would last forever…but I know it won’t. Since you started standing up on your own, the progress has been amazing. You still look like a little drunkard every now and then, but you’re not falling down quite as much, and you’re not holding your hands over your head for balance as much anymore. You even looked like you wanted to run the other day, and I had to slow you down for fear you’d crack your chin. Again.

On my own

Your chatter is incredible, and I know there are words in there just dying to come out, but we still don’t understand 95% of what you say. Every morning when I go into your room, you say the same thing to me, and I have yet to figure out what it is you’re trying to tell me. You and I do play this little game, where I’ll say “Rachel” and you’ll respond with “Da-Da” or “Papa.” It drives you mother crazy that you still won’t say Mama, despite her spending 9 months hosting you in her womb.

New favorite toy

You’ve also started saying your own name, we think, but it comes out sounding like “WEE shull” most of the time. There are times where you’ll say it two or three times in a row before I realize what you’re saying, and then when I say it back to you, so stop and say “Da-Da.”

The Hair!

In addition to talking, you are signing things to us. You understand when we ask you to say more, please, and finished, what to sign so that you’ll get what you want. It’s really cool, and I don’t quite understand why it is that you can say certain words, and imitate how some of our words sound (albeit without saying the actual word) but “more” and “please” are still just signs in your vocabulary. At least you know what they mean. I’m sure you understand a lot more than you actually let on, and some day soon, we’re going to hear our own voices coming out of your mouth, and we’re probably not going to like what we hear.


Three Decades

Today, Monica turned 30 years old. She asked me a few years back, after another friend’s 30th birthday, what I thought we’d be doing on her 30th birthday. I told her we’d probably have a quiet dinner with the kids and go home early. It wasn’t quite like that, but we were home before midnight.

Monica’s birthday is almost over, but she still doesn’t have a gift from her husband. Why, you ask? Because it’s been that kind of day. The flowers I ordered for her (albeit same day) never made it to her, I left work late, and because I’m an eternal procrastinator didn’t get her anything yet. We did get to have dinner together, sans child, and we did get to spend a few hot, sweaty hours…at First Friday.

What did you think I was going to say?

Happy 30th, Moni!