Just in case ya’ll were wondering, yes, we did get slammed with Tropical Storm Erin today. Since the center of the storm came on shore south of San Antonio, we got the rainy side. It started raining today around 6 AM and didn’t stop until late in the afternoon.

Luckily, I had taken a half day off since Monica and Rachel are both not feeling well, and I came home from work at noon. The worst of the rain hit early in the afternoon. Overall, we got somewhere between 8-10 inches of rain. Other parts of the area got well over a foot.

It’s funny, actually, because I’m not used to warm rain, but the rain today was warm, like a lukewarm shower. Usually, when it rains around here it’s because a cold front is moving through and the rain is chilly.

These pictures are from Culebra Creek, which runs close to our house (but not too close). Normally during the summer, it’s a dry creek bed. Maybe a trickle of water running through. Today, it was way out of it’s banks. The houses in the background are about 15-20 feet above the lowest point in the creek bed. The trees in the middle are fully grown.

Culebra Creek after Erin

And this road has been flooded out so many times this summer, I can’t even count them all anymore. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the water this close to the barricades, though.

Low Water Crossing

Everyone here is OK…our house sits about 100 feet above the creek (and almost a mile away). Just a lot of water, but the winds had died down by the time the storm had made it this far inland. We had some gusts, but nothing too big.

Fourteen Months

Dear Rachel,

I am perfectly aware that it is two days past your fourteenth month. I’ve been very busy. Cut me a break.


So the big news of the month, as the whole world has already seen, is that you started walking. Except you haven’t taken to it quite as quickly as we thought you would. We figured you’d be running around the house within a week of that video, but you’ve just kind of stalled. You’ll still take a few steps here and there, but you really prefer to hold onto someone’s hand, and if no one is around, you’ll crawl. Maybe the two face-plants you took have deterred you from walking on your own. We’ll keep trying, though.


Your talking has started to sound more and more like actual conversations rather than random babbling, and we’re starting to be able to make out more words. About a week ago, you picked up a piece of Mama’s power cord for her laptop, a small black box that’s about the same size as our phone, put it to your ear and said, “Hello?” and proceeded to talk into the box in a tone similar to the one we use when we’re on the phone.


You imitate us a lot now. Every sound we make, you try to make, too. When I sneeze, you make a little cough that sounds like my sneeze. You have stared helping us put away dishes, and you want to help us put our shoes on, even when we’re not going anywhere. You’ll hold the dog’s leash when we go for a walk, and you’ve learned to burp just like me!

a new look

Bathtime has become an adventure, as you like to put your face in, and you’ve started drinking your bath water out of a cup we use to wet your hair. You are also learning how to wash yourself, and I can’t wait until you’re completely self-sufficient in the bath.


I probably should have let your mother write this month’s letter, since she’s been with you the whole month. I started back to work a few weeks ago, and I’ve been working really long days. Thankfully, I go back to normal hours next week, and you start going to Miss Judy’s full time again next week. I’m looking forward to spending more time with you after I get home, and I’m sure Mama is looking forward to a week of being able to get things done.

Cindy-Lou Who

We love you very much.