Go ahead Dad, call DCFS

My Dad threatened me with calling Child Protective Services (Department of Children and Family Services for you northerners) if I dressed Rachel in a Cubs outfit because according to him I would be “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

But he’s the one who bought this outfit at my request, so I guess he’s partly responsible.

She looks happy enough, though.

Yes, they may be mathematically eliminated, but at least they’re not going to lose 100 games. Am I a true Cubs fan, or what?

“Chicago Cubs fans are ninety percent scar tissue.” ~ George Will

Month Three

Dear Rachel,

Today you turn three months old. You’re growing up so quickly!

You’re doing really well in day care, and enjoy spending time with Miss Judy and your friends. We don’t worry about you so much while we’re at work because we know you’re in good hands, and you’re such a happy baby.

Everywhere we go, when we tell people how old you are, they comment about how big you are. When people try to guess how old you are, they usually guess 5-6 months, which tells us how much you’re growing. You’re so tall, your feet almost stick out of your car seat!

Your neck has gotten really strong, and you’re holding your head up on your own almost all the time now. You’ve also been working on your ab muscles by trying to sit up, or at least lean forward when we’re holding you.

You haven’t quite gotten the sitting up thing quite right yet, because when we hold your hands and pull you up a bit, you pull your knees all the way up to your stomach and try to pull yourself forward at the same time, leaving you balancing on your butt.

While you were in your bumbo seat last week, you leaned all the way forward and touched your mouth to the center piece, then slowly sat back upright, which is cool, because it means you can sit up with support.

Of course, we still need to work on the rolling over thing a bit. We try to put you on your tummy a couple of times a day, and you’re getting close to rolling, but you can’t quite managed to get all the way over. It’s fun to watch you hold your legs and head up and balance on your tummy with your arms back, like you are flying.

You’ve begun to explore your hands a lot more since you discovered them last month. You have started reaching out tentatively for things, but you won’t reach very far yet. You love to grab hold of things that are close to you, like your shirts and blankets, and pull them up to your face. If we put things in your hands, you’ll hold them for a while too. You’re starting to get to the point where everything in your hands goes to the mouth, which should get really interesting in the next month.

You’re sucking your hands a lot now, too. When you first started, last month, you’d get the thumb side of your hand up to your mouth and chew on it, but your thumb would be tucked neatly inside of your fist, so you were just chewing on your thumb knuckle. Now that you’re opening your hands a lot more, you’ve started putting your whole hand in your mouth to suck on it.

Along with the sucking, your drooling has increased tenfold. It seems like whenever we have you sitting up, your entire front ends up wet. We can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like when you start teething.

You’re sleeping consistently through the night, now, too, which makes your mother and I very happy. Every once in a while you’ll still wake up, but we can usually give you a pacifier and you’ll go right back to sleep.

I think our favorite thing from this month has to be the hearty guffaws you let out when we do something you like. We start to laugh when you laugh so hard because we love to hear that sound coming from you.

It seems like the last time I wrote to you was so long ago, I hope I didn’t leave anything out. You’re growing and learning by leaps and bounds, and we’re constantly amazed by you. We love you very much.



Monica likes to tease and say that she’s playing with an armadillo, because the blackline drawing of Piglet on Rachel’s drapes somewhat resembles an armadillo. But in color…pig.

His name is Piglet, Monica, and he is a PIG, not an armadillo. Not in Texas, not anywhere. A PIG.