Rest in Peace

It’s interesting how the past comes back to hit you square between the eyes. People whose names you haven’t heard in a decade or so suddenly bring back memories of times gone by.

Chris Straukas was a sophomore when I was a senior in high school. He hung out with our “group” that year, and I found out yesterday that he died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

I only knew the guy for a year or so, and we never kept in touch after high school, but his name is forever etched in my memory as part of that senior year of high school. I hope that he finds peace where ever he may be.

I gar-ohn-tee

By next Friday, we will have a child. Monica had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and told her that if she hadn’t delivered by next Wednesday, June 7 (her due date), she’ll be induced on Friday.

So one way or another, we’re having a baby within the next week. Guaranteed.