Are we there yet?

You know, the last couple of weeks of a pregnancy is just a huge waiting game. All of your plans get put on hold, you can’t commit to anything, and it’s all a guessing game.

Right now, everything is tenative.

We can’t leave town, and I can’t even go across town (or to work, for that matter) without worrying that she’s going to be born while I’m away.

We have contingency plans if I’m not home, but it’s just one of those things that you want to be there for.

We just want to meet her…NOW!


Monica started her maternity leave today. We went to the doctor yesterday, and he told her that she was done. She had been complaining of pains, which the doctor told her were Braxton-Hicks contractions. She was plannig on taking next week off, but since she got yanked two days early, she had some planning to do last night.

So now the waiting game is on. With less than two weeks to the due date, we can hardley wait to meet our little one, and ask her why she’s been kicking her mamma so much.

Happy Birthday Sister!

It still seems weird to me that my sister is over 30. Today she turns 31, but to me, she’ll always be that little brat that yelled for dad after she picked fights with me. Of course, by admitting that my sister is 31, I’m admitting that I’m getting really old.

Anyway, happy birthday, Sarah. You’re one classy chic.

Do they still play the blues in Chicago

When baseball season rolls around?

The answer this year is yes, if you’re a Cubs fan. This is pretty much how our year is going so far.

My parents raised me as a Cubs fan, which means that I’m a pessimist. Even when the team is doing well, I always have a feeling that it’s going to go south. That carries over to every sports team I like.

The other night, Monica and I were discussing the Spurs must win game 6 against the Mavs, and I said that I was sure they would lose. When she asked me why, I said, “Because I’m a Cubs fan, and that’s how we work.”

We never expect to win, which is why winning is so much sweeter for us. We don’t expect it, and if we start to expect it, they’re bound to disappoint us.

That’s why the Cubs win over the Sox today was so sweet…because we all knew in our hearts that they were going to get swept.

Some nature photos

OK, not really…maybe one.

Ch-ch-ch-chia! Some of the new grass I’m trying to grow under the hammock.

My way of making my backyard a little more like Wrigley…

This is what they really mean when they talk about the “yellow rose of Texas.”

Another step forward in "The March of the Babies"

Pete and Carol had their baby yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar with mi familia, Pete is Monica’s brother. They have two girls, Rebecca and Claudia, and now they have a boy, Matthew Aaron.

He was born at 5:02 yesterday, weighing in a 6 lbs 10 ozs, 19 inches. Moni and I got to practice today for a couple of hours. As you can see, we’re already pros.

Rain, rain, come this way!

It rained in San Antonio today. Strike that. It poured. Most of the city got a deluge right around rush hour. It was such a huge event that they spent the entire 6 o’clock newscast talking about how it was raining outside.

It was one of those summer storms that just pops up…an isolated storm, if you please. This one happened to pop up on the northeast side of the city and tracked right across the center of town. I recognized the signs when I left from work. I knew it looked like it could rain, and when I got home, it was confirmed with the images coming in from the traffic cameras around the city.

I decided to hold off on watering my grass seed, and that, evidently, was my fatal flaw.

If you notice on the image below where I’ve marked the location of our house…it’s the only spot in the whole city that didn’t get rain.

While it was a biblical storm in most of the city, we got all of 12 drops of rain. After waiting for almost an hour for it to do something, I decided to go out and water.

Next time it looks like it’s going to rain, I’m watering AND washing the car!