Note to self…(and to you too, Internet)

When fixing the bathtub faucet, removing the C clip that holds the cartridge in place without first turning off the water is a BAD idea.

In case you can’t tell, the front of me is completely soaked because the cartridge for the faucet and who knows how many gallons of water came shooting out ala horizontal geyser, and all over me.

I actually knew to turn the water off, but I couldn’t get the C clip back in, so I pulled it back out to try to get a better angle, and, well, you’ve seen the evidence.

At least I’m man enough to admit when I make a mistake, and can laugh about it.

Too funny not to share

towel head
Originally uploaded by ScottRL.

Rachel and I went swimming after Monica has left for class today. On the way home, I gave Rachel a towel to hold onto since it was a bit chilly for her. She got really quiet as we got close to home, and at a stoplight, I turned around to see if she had fallen asleep, and was greeted with this sight. I laughed really hard for a minute, then decided that I had to take a picture.

I couldn’t resist…

Merry Christmas everyone. I just had to post the picture of Rachel that I photoshopped last week. It’s nowhere near perfect because I didn’t really take my time with it, but it’s funny nonetheless.

I call it Rockin’ Rachel…

Just for comparison, here is the original. You can see why I had to do what I did…it was an appropriate extension.