It sounds so much nicer in Spanish, doesn’t it?


Today, my mother turns 60. And just as she always tells me, “I’m not old enough to have a son that’s ____ (whatever age I happen to be at the time),” today, I’m thinking, I’m not old enough to have a mom that’s 60!


Since my sister already beat me to saying all of the lovely, sentimental things, I’ll just say this:


I couldn’t have asked for a better mom, a better Nana for our daughter (soon to be daughters), or a better family to have been a part of.

Rachel and Grandma

We love you, and miss you down here deep in the heart of Texas.


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is Dad’s 61st birthday. Sixty one, and still going strong.

This was the first time in several years that we’ve been able to celebrate Dad’s birthday with him in person. It’s so nice to have Mom and Dad down here for a few months, even if it is temporary.

Rachel is thoroughly enjoying her time with Nanna and Dodd, and I think the feeling is mutual.

Happy Birthday Dad, and many more to come!

We all love you very much!

You say it’s your birthday?

Today, Monica turns 30 for the second time. When I put the banner up for September, she looked at me and said “That looks like way more than 31 candles.”


You see, that’s what happens when you get old. Your eyes start to go, and you think you’re seeing things. There are, in fact, exactly 31 candles on the banner.


It’s been a heck of a year. Here’s to decades more birthdays together. Happy Birthday, Moni.

EDIT: Fine, fine…I’ll admit, there were actually 33 candles in the banner, but that’s hardly “way more” than 31. It has been appropriately photoshopped so there are now EXACTLY 31 candles. You didn’t even notice the difference, did you? But at least my wife can now get on with her life knowing that, once again, she was right. Are you happy now?


Yes, I’m well aware that my daughter turns 18 months old today, but she’s taking a back seat for something much more important.

Today is Dad’s 60th birthday. Six decades.





and all around great guy.

So after 60 years, there’s a little less hair (courtesy of Sarah and I)…

…but the fish are still the same size.

Happy birthday Dad. I love you!

Three Decades

Today, Monica turned 30 years old. She asked me a few years back, after another friend’s 30th birthday, what I thought we’d be doing on her 30th birthday. I told her we’d probably have a quiet dinner with the kids and go home early. It wasn’t quite like that, but we were home before midnight.

Monica’s birthday is almost over, but she still doesn’t have a gift from her husband. Why, you ask? Because it’s been that kind of day. The flowers I ordered for her (albeit same day) never made it to her, I left work late, and because I’m an eternal procrastinator didn’t get her anything yet. We did get to have dinner together, sans child, and we did get to spend a few hot, sweaty hours…at First Friday.

What did you think I was going to say?

Happy 30th, Moni!

Month Twelve

Dear Rachel,

Today, you turn one year old.

This is a big milestone for you, albeit one that you won’t remember. It’s also a milestone for your mommy and me, because a year ago, we didn’t know anything about being parents. We still don’t know much, but we think we’ve done a pretty good job with you so far.


You’re going to have a big party today, and your Grandpa Rick and Grandma Connie even flew down from Illinois to see you on your birthday. Lots of our family and friends are going to come over and help us celebrate.


This past month has been one of steady progression for you. You’re furniture surfing all the time now, and have even started going between furniture that’s close enough to each other. You pull yourself up and anything that doesn’t move, including the kitchen cabinets (which you just love to open and bang shut), the windows in the living room, walls, your closet doors, and your parents if we happen to be standing still. It’s just a matter of time before you start standing on your own, and from there, walking. Then we’re in big trouble.

Who is that baby?

You’ve gotten completely off the bottle in the last month, and it wasn’t a gradual thing. One day you took it, the next day you screamed like I’d poked your eye out when I tried to give it to you. From then on, it’s been sippy cups the whole way. Now, instead of laying in my lap in the morning drinking your bottle, you sit in your high chair and eat.


Speaking of which, you’re feeding yourself now. While that gives us more time to eat ourselves, it actually makes more work for us with the mess you produce. Pretty much everything has to go on your tray so you can pick it up, but occasionally you’ll let us give you things on a spoon or fork. With this new found freedom, you’ve also become very picky about what you want to eat, and fruits and veggies are not part of what you like to eat.


You are starting to communicate with us more, and you talk all the time…it’s just that we don’t understand what you’re saying. You make noises in response to certain words or phrases, like when you see your milk, you’ll go “Ahhhhhh” the same sound you make when you drink it. You’ll bark (AH! AH!) when you hear the dog or we say his name, and I swear I heard you say “I love you” when I said that it to you last week. Maria heard it too, so I know I wasn’t hallucinating. You also do things in response to certain words, like giving kisses (which I just love getting from you) and doing “ojitos.” Your newest thing is imitating what you hear. We went for a walk the other day and the dog was panting, and you started panting just like him!


We can’t believe that you’ve been with us for a whole year, and we’re really looking forward to the next year. You’ll learn to walk and run, talk and be able to tell us what you’re feeling, and start to take care of yourself more. We never knew our lives could be so full.

We love you so much. Happy birthday, mija!

Halfway to 70

How did I go from this

to this

In just 20 short years?

On another note, when did “20 years ago” become part of my vocabulary? I can remember feeling, for the longest time, that 20 years ago was part of some distant past that happened before I was born.

Now it’s something that happened when I was in junior high…almost high school.

That’s enough to make anyone feel old.

And what in the hell happened to my 20′s? It’s like I turned around twice and I’m halfway through my thirties.

I think I’m done having birthdays.